I am a recent college graduate with no plans other than to follow Jesus wherever He leads.  At the beginning of my last semester of college I had a lot of possible plans.  I REALLY like planning.  I also prayed going into that last semester that it would be a season characterized by trust.  God was so very faithful in answering that prayer (too faithful for my liking if I’m being honest) and none of my plans worked out.  None of my plans were particularly “safe” plans; all of them would have required A LOT of trust.  However, this season of uncertainty is causing me to have to trust God more and in different ways than if my original plans had worked out.

Right now I’m on an adventure with Jesus.  I have been telling people that I feel like I just jumped out of a plane.  It’s exciting, but I’m really hoping my parachute opens.  Also, when people ask me about my plans I tell them that I am going to be “homeless and fabulous.”

I hope you are encouraged by my wilderness wanderings as I try to make sense of every day life.

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